Essential Oils

Chronic Illness Navigation & Balance

Most everyone who comes to me for help with chronic illnesses is living in a complex myriad of allopathic doctors and pharmaceutical medications and at best are only managing the symptoms and potentially eroding their vitality and health and hope. Chronic Disease is a multifaceted illness, having many threads to address and balance. When you…

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Rock Zen on the background of summer sea. Concept of harmony and balance

Hormone Balancing

We have several hormone transitions in our life. Adolescence, Birthing, Peri-Menopause, and Menopause (female) as well as Peri-Andropause and Andropause (male). Elegant hormonal transitions are created by many factors, beginning with detoxification and rebuilding the body then introducing the necessary nutritional, lifestyle and plant based hormonal formulas to ease you through the hormonal transition.

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Lemon Water

Detoxification & Rebuilding

From birth, we are bombarded with environmental, dietary, pharmaceutical, emotional and mental toxins. We are a living petri dish or expression of our unique environment. To have wellness and vitality you need to go through periodic cleansing and detoxification practices. There are many types of detox plans and we will access which ones fit your…

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