Who We Are

Welcome to Community Health & Healing

I’m Dr. Monica O’Sullivan, ND, The founder and managing practitioner since 1992 of Community Health & Healing

The clinic uses several modalities in accessing information on the patient’s health imbalances and well-being. Monica’s strength lies in her ability to identify and handcraft a unique program for patient wellness. This comes from years of diverse education and training, giving her the ability to build and maintain a successful partnership with her patients.

She is a well-rounded Naturopath, with access to endless resources and professionals, when it comes to addressing the patient’s root cause of imbalance and individual requirements for optimal health.

Her commitment to her patient’s wellness is paramount.

How I Approach the Healing Process

I listen to your story carefully, taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expressions of your health patterns and illnesses. I listen to the origin of your health decline, and the ways you have dealt with it. I listen for resistances and blockages which may hinder your healing journey’s progression.

From the pattern of your daily lifestyle and beliefs, I access the most effective path to wellness. It’s important to me that both you and I enjoy the process and have fun. Together we can discover and create your personal, unique, workable, and effective program, to set you on the path of healthy living.

I’m a partner on your road to better health, offering my strengths. Your health begins with your choice to improve. We both bring our strengths to this partnership and together we get you on the path to health.

I believe healing is a journey, sometimes easy, sometimes complex. Once we determine the basic pattern, the journey becomes more manageable and successful for you.

I am a heart-based practitioner who approaches medicine and healing with a balance of mind and intellect. I’m warm, approachable, and non-judgmental. It is very important to me that you feel safe to speak freely about issues that affect your health, be they emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Depending on what you may require outside of my scope of practice, I have a wealth of resources, and I offer you hand-picked practitioners, professionals, and retail connections to benefit your specific needs or assist you on your healing journey.


1974-76 Santa Ana School of Massage, Santa Ana, CA
Massage and Hydrotherapy

1978-1980 Dr. Shearer School of Physiotherapy, Santa Fe, NM
Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage and Herbology

1980-1982 owned and operated AAA Health Center, Albuquerque, NM
Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage and Herbal Therapy, Education

1988-1992 Longevity Health Center, Atlanta, Ga.
Naturopathic Education and Internship
Electrodermal Screening
Complex Homeopathy
Patient Relations and Compliance

1996 Living with Herbs Institute, Atlanta, GA
Herbs and Aromatherapy

Every year to the present, 20-40 hours of Continued Education in
Homeopathy, Herbal Therapy, Blood Chemistry, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, and more